Monday, February 22, 2010

Lovely Valentine's Party w/ J Boozer, Bacon Shoe

Lovely Valentine's Party
2/12/10 Riot Room w/ Bacon Shoe, J Boozer,
ZAP, Various Blonde, Brainbow

Great show everybody! 5 bands 5 bucks, new Lovely stuff, and a whole lot of lovely people. Whether you came to celebrate or hate, Valentine's day was just around the corner and this was the spot. The party continues at the Riot Room with a kick ass show. ZAP kicked it off with some thick funky jamz. Followed by the rock of VB and Brainbow. Bacon Shoe was up to their usually acrobatics and cooked up some delicious tasty rhymes with a side of greasy fried pork product. J Boozer turned the place out late night with a beer drenched dance party break out. This guy is awesome the true one man band-it. If you missed it check him out. Party was rockin'...bodies were dancin'... drinks were flowin'. Ain't no party like a LOVELY party, and the LOVELY party DON"T STOP! Can't wit for all the events coming this year Spring and Summer. Thanks to all the 150+ people that showed up for this one! Peep game on the flixx.,,

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