Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DJ P at Riot Room
July 24, 2010
w/ clockwerk,hank,joc max+maxx,nick fury

If you missed this show, you missed the best party of the summer! Dj P ripped a 2 hour set and killed it for a capacity crowd of 400+. From retro to jungle to heavy metal P covered the full spectrum. A pioneer and true jedi master of "the mash-up".

Dj Hank warmed it up inside to start off the night, while Joc Max + Maxx held d
own the patio FUNK. Nick Fury smashed breakbeats with country (WTF!?!), and Clockwerk closed the night out with some heavy dub-stup.

This shit was fun!


The next one is already in the works, so stay tuned and DON"T MISS OUT ON THE LOVE PEEPS!!!

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